iCLOTS: interactive Cellular assay Labeled Observation and Tracking Software

Created by the Lam Laboratory at Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology

Created by biomedical scientists for biomedical scientists

As a bioengineering laboratory with a specialization in microfluidic devices, we have identified a need for experiment-specific software-based tools to analyze the information rich imaging data obtained during novel in vitro microscopy-based assays. iCLOTS is a free, open-source cellular image analysis software augmented by machine learning designed for all biomedical researchers. iCLOTS processes your hard-won experimental data into detailed numerical and graphical analyses and interpretations.

Previous and current versions of iCLOTS for PC and Mac operating systems

Information on individual applications, including "tips and tricks" for experimental and computational methods

We welcome all concerns, feedback, ideas for new applications, and requests for assistance